Saturday, February 21, 2009 3

Oh! Things are so much better today! The nausea has gone away completely (thanks to 2 different nausea medications) and my headache is now only occasional, and is tolerable. I made it most of the day today without any pain medication, so I really have felt almost normal.
My neck is beginning to hurt more...or maybe I am just noticing it more. Still, NOTHING is worse to me than being sick to my stomach, so I can easily deal with the pain in my neck.
The incision goes from behind the middle of my ear to just above my shoulder. It is a pretty fantastic wound. I will enjoy telling my grandchildren about it one day. (especially if I am blessed enough to be able to tell them that my wound helped introduce one of my doctors to Christ!)
I don't seem to have the expected nerve damage to my right shoulder and arm. My ear and right side of my face are swollen and numb, but other than that, I think I am no worse for wear.
I got several cards in the mail today. I am so very grateful for the prayers that have been said on my behalf. All in all this has been much worse on Calvin and my mom than on me. Please continue to pray for my family and close friends as you pray for me. They are helpless bystanders in this and would very much like to make it all better. The past few days have been especially hard on them because I have been so very sick.
I still believe that God is doing something amazing. I wish He'd let me in on the plan, but then I guess I'd mess it up. I feel like a child at Christmas...just waiting until my Father will let me open the gift that has caught my eye...the one that I am sure is exactly what I asked for.
Oh God! That you would allow me to be a testimony of your amazing love to the doctors and nurses who have taken such good care of me over the past months!
It will be wonderful to look back on this whole ordeal and be able to tell the tale, knowing all the details. I cannot wait to see what God had in mind when He started this chapter of my life. My continual prayer is that I will keep my eyes on Him and follow His plan...and never cease to praise Him.
Please continue to pray that I will have peace and patience as we wait for the pathology results, but also continue to pray for all my doctors. They are an amazing bunch. They work such long hours and they all treat me like they do not have another patient needing their attention. They make me feel at ease, like my "case" is important to them, and that it matters to them how I feel. Mom had to call several times about the nausea and they worked with her until we got a combination of medications that allowed me to at least keep some food in my stomach. They are wonderful. Please pray that God will speak to them and that they will fully understand the gift they have been given. We come to them frightened and helpless. They are able to calm our fears as they make us well. Few are able to see God work in his or her life on a daily basis, but they can if they will but look for His hand guiding theirs.
Someone told me the other day that he wished he could have as much faith as I do. He said that, if put in these circumstances, he might not believe that God would "come through". My faith is not remarkable, but my God is. My faith comes naturally because I KNOW who it is I am putting my faith in. We cannot always know what God is doing, but WHO HE IS never, never, never changes. He just is. He is the Alpha and Omega. He is, was, and is to come. He is my redeemer, my comforter, my savior, and my Lord. He is my Father, my Creator, and HE is my closest friend. I love Him. Deeply, passionately, with every fiber of my soul, I LOVE Him. It is my greatest pleasure to serve Him. My constant prayer is that the people who know me will desire to know Him more.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
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