Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Hi Kris, this is John Schweinfurth...."

Dr Schweinfurth called my cell yesterday and left the following message, "Hi Kris. This is John Schweinfurth. I know you aren't supposed to be talking right now, but I have the results from your biopsy and need to discuss with you. give me a call at...."
Good results? Bad results? Hoping for good, expecting bad, I called.
"The biopsy results were not what we were hoping for. They are worse than last time"
What? Worse? How can they be worse? He continued...
"I want to get you before the tumor board as soon as possible, but in order to do that, you need to have a CT scan and some x-rays done of your head, neck, and chest. I wanted to talk to you rather than someone calling to schedule this and you know nothing of it."
My head was spinning, but I managed to ask when the board meets.
"They meet on Wednesdays. I wanted to get you in today, but there just isn't enough time."
I asked if I could get the CT scan and x-rays done Thursday or Friday.
"That'd be great"
So, I am going today to get them done. Hopefully I will get to see Dr Schweinfurth long enough to ask him some questions...the main one being "Do I have Cancer?"
I think I have a grasp of what the Tumor Board is a group of specialists from different fields that get together and discuss a case to decide the best way to treat it.
We are going to do surgery again as soon as I heal from this one, before the cancer cells have a chance to do much multiplying.
I asked him what we do if the surgeries just don't work. He said we would talk about other options after the board meets.
I am amazed at God's timing. He has brought women into my life that have unique roles to fill and they may or may not even know it. Christie is my emotional support; Christa gives me spiritual guidance; Tara and Danyelle know first hand, and are eager to remind me of, God's ability to work a miracle; Lee, Teressa, Tara, and Liz are able to help me translate doctor jargon and assess my situation and remind me that I am "at the best place" (UMC) for this; and the Ladies of FLO... what can I say about that bunch of nuts? That is the most loving and supportive group of women I have ever known. They are true prayer warriors. They understand that we are not fighting against men, but against powers and principalities. They understand that this looks like an attack on me, but is really an attack on my sweet husband, our pastor.
Our pastor is leading our congregation. People are coming to know Christ. Young people, old people....all kinds of people are meeting Christ face to face. Every single ministry in our church is growing. There is a holy excitement in our church body like none I have ever felt. Surely we are not so naive as to think that Satan will sit idly by and allow Pearson Baptist Church to wake from it's complacent slumber? He will not, and he has assessed the situation and knows that the best way to squash this uprising of God's people is to attack its leaders. What better way to attack Calvin than through me? This "ordeal" we are going through with my vocal cords is a lovely distraction for our pastor. Perfect opportunity for him to be discouraged, for him to doubt, for him to lose his focus.
It is also a perfect opportunity for our precious congregation to see inside our lives with complete transparency. This is an opportunity for us to literally live out our faith publicly. We will use this, as we have from the beginning, to bring glory to our Father. He has a plan. HE is in control. We trust Him fully and completely and are anxiously awaiting the amazing blessings that are going to be out poured on our Church, our family, and our friends.
I am grateful that God has entrusted me with this road. I will glorify HIM every step of the way!
Will post again after the tests today.
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