Tuesday, December 31, 2019

100 Acts of Kindness 2019

In January, I committed to doing 100 acts of kindness this year. I dedicated Tuesday's Tips and Tricks to Acts of Kindness suggestions. It took me a whole month to get started, but on January 31, I made the choice to add the first act to my "completed" list. This brought me so much joy that I began to eagerly look for opportunities to perform acts of kindness and also to plan ways to add to my "completed" list.

Giving in to my natural tendency to think positive, I started my "Completed" list here back in January, believing that it would be a list 100 items long by December 31. Some acts, like praising a child to their parents so that the child can overhear, had such a great response and brought me so much joy that I tried to make it a habit. I learned that people need and appreciate encouragement and encouragement is easy to give if I only make the smallest effort to  look for opportunities to lift others up.

Other things, like collecting items for an animal shelter, having bags on hand to give to homeless/hungry folks and baking for my neighbors and co workers fell flat. Good intentions, but not very good follow thru. I really did have good intentions. 

My list didn't quite make 100. In complete transparency, while I did complete most, I did not complete every thing on the list below. Still, I like the list. I think it's full of good ideas and I think I'll try to complete it in 2020. Maybe I can even make it to 100. Maybe doing some things more than once... I suppose if its my list I can make the rules. We'll see how it turns out in 2020.

That being Said, here's my list

  1. Put a surprise note in loved ones’ lunch, bookbag, car, etc.
  2. Make care packages for homeless people and give them out.
  3. Bake cookies for the office
  4. Make breakfast for the office
  5. Stop at a kid’s lemonade stand and buy a drink
  6. Leave a 100% tip
  7. Donate a small sum of $$ to a charity
  8. Tweet or FB a genuine compliment to 3 people
  9. Complement a parent on how well-behaved their child is
  10. Cook a meal or do laundry for a friend who just had surgery
  11. Donate an old piece of clothing when you get a new one
  12. Write an old teacher to let them know they made a difference in your life
  13. Compliment someone to their boss
  14. Write someone a letter – on paper – and mail it
  15. Give someone a book you think they’d like
  16. Bring fun office supplies to liven up the the workday
  17. Sincerely compliment your boss
  18. Put a sticky note with a positive message on the restroom mirror
  19. Compliment someone in front of others
  20. Compliment your child in front of others.
  21. Compliment your spouse in front of others
  22. Frame a friend’s favorite quote and give it to them
  23. Take baked goods to your neighbors
  24. Compliment a stranger
  25. Praise a child to their parents where the child can hear it
  26. Give Chocolate
  27. Bake a cake for the birthday person
  28. Take coloring books and crayons to the pediatric wing
  29. Send a thank you note to the police station and Fire station
  30. Bake cookies and take them to the fire station and police station
  31. Leave compliments on sticky notes
  32. Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror that says “You’re Beautiful”
  33. Write a letter or send a card to a child who could use some extra attention
  34. Send a card to a friend
  35. Leave money in the vending machine for someone
  36. Give kid’s valentines cards to people in your office
  37. “Here’s $20 for the next person in line” at the grocery
  38.  Leave a positive sticky note on someone’s desk.
  39.  Tell your boss how much you like working for them and why
  40. Tell people how much you've learned from them
  41. Tell people what you appreciate about them
  42. Share overheard compliments
  43. Check in with friends who have lost their mom or dad on Mothers/Fathers day
  44. Cut out an article and share it with someone "I thought about you when I saw this"
  45. Make a prayer book for someone. Record your prayers for them for a year.
  46.  Check in with someone
  47.  Buy food for a homeless person
  48.  Involve your kids in community service
  49. watch for pet food sales and donate to a local shelter
  50. collect newspaper and used towels for an animal shelter

Monday, December 30, 2019

100 things - 2019

Each year I struggle to complete my list of 100 things. Today is January 1 2019. I HOPE  that creating a “100 things” page will help me record “things”all year so that I do not have to struggle to remember things in December!! It is my hope that my 2019 list will be more filled with personal things. Of course I will still record famous deaths, political events, national news, etc. Also... maybe this will keep things in something close to chronological order.

We’ll see.

Here goes...

  1. Verse - James 1:2 - Consider it pure joy my brothers when you face trials of many kinds
  2. Word - Joy
  3. Goal - read 52 books 
  4. Started working for David Hughes January 1. 
  5. A student from Kentucky made the news when he was on a school trip to Washington for the pro life rally. The liberal media took one snippet of a video that made it appear that the student was harassing a native american protester while wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap. In reality, the students had been harassed by the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Native American was known for causing conflict at such gatherings. This whole mess shone light on the importance of getting "the rest of the story", introduced the Black Hebrew Israelites to mainstream culture, and revealed (again) the biased nature of the liberal media.
  6. Arctic Blast! In the last days of January, the temps in the mid west dipped to -30 with a wind chill of NEGATIVE 65 Degrees in parts of Minnesota! Schools and businesses were closed for several days due to the dangerously cold temps.
  7. Also in January, New York passed a bill/law/whatever that made abortion legal up to the time of birth. Virginia presented the same to its legislature and it was not passed. 
  8. Mom turned 68 
  9. After Collide (First weekend in February), Izzy told me she wants to write a devotional with me. We enlisted some of her friends (Anna Mical, Bryanna. Haylee and Graci Lou) and their moms (Shelly, Christie, and Lindsey) to write a devotional for moms and daughters. The idea is to address things moms and daughters typically disagree on. The format will be "I say".... "Mom Says"... "God says."  At least that's the plan so far.
  10. Heaven's Gates / Hell's Flames - February 10-12
  11. Second US-North Korea summit
  12. Intermittent Fasting
  13. Dr. Jason Fung
  14. The Dectives Dinner Theater at PBC in March was a huge success. I was super excited to get to do the centerpieces for the tables and bake the desserts.
  15. Luke Perry Died after a stroke
  16. New Zealand terrorist attack kills 50 and injures 50 more
  17. Mueller report = No Russian Collusion
  18. A Star is Born
  19. Enneagram - Type 4
  20. Mrs Pat Reeves died
  21. Rise against Hunger 
  22. City Wide Easter Egg hunt moved to Center City
  23. Paul Lacoste Boot Camp
  24. Cathedral at Notre Dame burned
  25. Sri Lanka Easter Bombing targeting Christians - killed over 300 and wounded over 500 more
  26. Bird Box
  27. Migrant Caravan
  28. Record cold (-32) in the northern US
  29. Luke Perry Died after having a stroke.
  30. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
  31. Bernie Sanders Socialism
  32. March Tornado killed 23 in Alabama and Georgia
  33. Brian and Tayler postponed wedding
  34. volleyball
  35. Finally Read Harry Potter Series
  36. Google had a payroll audit and discovered that they are underpaying MEN!
  37. Stacy Parker - Treatment
  38. Sherry Overby left the bank to do HR at Belhaven
  39. Katie Warren left the bank to do HR at State Bank
  40. Intermittent Fasting
  41. 15 year anniversary at the bank
  42. Brian turns 20
  43. 22 wedding anniversary
  44. Tayler started working for Citizens State Bank
  45. Dat Dog
  46. Magazine St. NOLA
  47. Brian and Tayler broke up
  48. Fire at Notre Dame
  49. over 200 killed in Easter Terrorist attack in Sri Lanka
  50. Hillary Clinton and Obama refer to the Sri Lanka attack as an attack on "Easter Worshipers" instead of and attack on Christians.
  51. Measles
  52. Greatest Showman is now one of my fave movies
  53. Marvel Avengers End Game
  54. Laura - TWINS!!!!
  55. New Therapist - Stephanie Smith Jefferson
  56. Tayler got her own apartment
  57. Brian's first Spring Break w Mission Lab
  58. Spartan Ink
  59. sold 2 abstracts to Jason in Florida
  60. Paul Lacoste Summer Training
  61. Lender Approval verification
  62. EKG/Exercise Induced Asthma
  63. Completed Paul Lacoste Sports Summer Training
  64. 13 Minute Mile
  65. Finished Vampire Diaries
  66. Shellie and Bill moved downstairs at the bank
  67. James Epstien "suicide"
  68. Greg Moore left Community Bank
  69. I left Community Bank
  70. Started my career at Renasant Bank
  71. Trump impeachment mess
  72. Tried Indian cuisine and loved it
  73. Met Allison Johnson
  74. Started leading paint classes at Market House DIY
  75. Painted our Sunday school room
  76. Realized my purpose in teaching the college kids Sunday school... preparing them to serve
  77. Reconnected w Lori Styron
  78. Sold a painting for 100 at a craft show
  79. Discovered artist Chuck Black
  80. Obsessed with painting sunsets and water
  81.  Brian moved home
  82.  new couch and love seat
  83. trump impeachment fiasco
  84. Timmy Mclendon leads worship
  85. Starliner failure - wrong orbit
  86. Frozen 2
  87. Black List
  88. Drew Brees breaks record for completed touchdown passes (541)
  89. Rose Ray Died
  90. Christopher and Jennifer Thompson  - son - Leroy
  91. actually enneagram 9 - maybe - 
  92. new job - good stress
  93. North Korea threatens to bomb us on Christmas
  94. Spent time with Mrs P on Christmas Eve
  95.  No Christmas Tree
  96.  Very few gifts
  97. Christmas Eve Waffle House, then Phase 10 w iz
  98. Steak and Ribs Christmas day
  99. Read 52 books
  100. Wrestled with the questions, "What does Christmas feel like?" "How many of those feelings have something to do with Jesus?"

Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday Motivation

 How does unforgiveness make us FEEL? Angry, bitter, ill... it makes me feel... ugly. I don't know how else to describe it. I feel full of hate. I feel mean.  Now, if Satan's only goal is to steal, kill, and destroy and Jesus came to give us life and give it abundantly... who do you think is in control when we are eaten up with unforgiveness?  Satan is also the Father of Lies and I KNOW all too well the lie he tells when it comes to forgivness. It may sound familiar to you too...

"If you forgive them, you are letting them off the hook."
"If you forgive them, you are saying that what they did was okay."
"If you forgive them, they won't realize how much they hurt you."

I dealt with this extensively years ago. Worst time in my life. I'm sure i wrote about it on here somewhere. My favorite thought from that time was this...

"Unforgiveness is like drinking poison expecting it to kill the other person."

Sounds JUST like something Satan would want us to do, doesn't it?