Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday Tips and Tricks - Getting Organized - The Kitchen

Cabinets and pantry are purged and organized. Junk drawer is no longer junky. The fridge and freezer are neat and organized.

Now, let's address the flat surfaces. The top of the fridge, the counters, the top of the microwave, the sink, and the table. Clean them off! My counter is a catch all. Mail, keys, sunglasses...you name it, my people drop it on the counter.

First, purge. Go through with a trash bag and toss anything that...well, that's trash.

Then, organize. My goal is to find another home for all the...stuff that collects on my counter.

Once everything is cleared off and organized, go over all the surfaces with a kitchen cleaner (that cuts grease). Now is a good time to wipe down the outside of the cabinets too.

Get some Bar Keepers Friend or steel wool after that stainless sink and make her shine like new. Go around the faucet and drains with a bit of bleach.

Change the table cloth, add the place mats and set the table.

Step back and look at all we've accomplished!

Only a few things left and we will take care of them next week!