Saturday, January 1, 2022

100 Things 2021

1. Joe Biden became president

2. Kamala Harris became vice president

3. "Trump Supporters" stormed the Capital

4. Biden makes US re-join Paris Climate Accords 

5. Cargo ship (Ever Given) ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal

6. Derek Chauvin found guilty of George Floyd death

7. Elon Musk - SpaceX- 

8. Condo collapses in Florida- kills 98 residents

9. Tokyo Summer Olympics

10. Simone Biles - Mental Health

11. Biden withdrew from Afghanistan - left US Troops

12. Texas bans abortion after 6 weeks gestation - "HEartbeat act"

13. Malaria Vaccine

14. Braves won World series

15. Tornado wipes out Mayfield KY, Reelfoot Lake TN - December 

16. FDA authorizes first antiviral pill to treat Covid 19

17. got the Covid Vaccine march and April

18. Izzy and I got Covid in July

19. Got the infusion - got better

20. Kids went to camp - whole camp came down w covid - went to get izzy - that's when i got it

21. Betty White Died

22. Harry Reid (Nevada Democrat - congress) died

23. John Madden Died

24. Anne Rice (Interview w a Vampire) Died

25. Bob Dole Died

26. Collin Powell Died

27. Willard Scott Died

28. Gavin MacLeod (love boat - Captain Merrill Stubing) died

29. EricCarle (The Very Hungry Caterpiller) died

30. Walter Mondale died

31. Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh died

32. Beverly Cleary Died

33. Dustin Diamond (Screech) died

34. Larry King Died

35. Hank Aaron Died

36. Tommy Lorsada Died

37. Game Stop Short Squeeze

38. release of Face Book Files

39. Pulled Izzy out of Pearl High

40. Flowood Chili Cookoff

41, CHristmas Cookies

42. Community Thanksgiving meal

43. meals for needy families

44. Collected items for the December tornado victims.

45.Work with Blake

46, Christie and Scott hospitalized with Covif

47. Jamie and john hospitalized w covid

48. Jamie died

49, John died

50. Becky  - April McLendon;s mom died

51. 10 years cancer free

52. mom got Covid

53. Pops got covid

54. Jessie had Bailey

55. Paula LAmbert died

56.booster for covid vaccine available - im not taking it

57. Delta variant (what izzy and i had)

58. Omicron variant

59. BAnk offices closing again in December b/c of covid and flu

60. menopause started

61. Amanda getting divorced

62. Izzy Driver license

63. Spring break trip with izzy 

64. Giant City  - Chicken

65. Alexys graduated highschool

66. Brynden graduated college

67. got highlights

68.  pauline turned 90 kitchen

70. re-painted the living room

71. banana pudding

72. made pies for the first time

73. GRIT training opened in the old courthouse

74. Fauci

75. izzy  first job - Revell Hardware

76. Sweet Summertime ladies event

77. izzy - kidney stones

78. Morning Live - Drive to work

79. Amare - fail

80. quit IT Works

81. ice and snow shut dowm Jackson metro 

82, Kris and Calvin 24 years

83. Izzy 16

84, Brian and Tayler 22

85. Buff City Soap comes to JAckson MS


87. SKINNY brew

88. mom turned 70

89. Pops turned 70

90. Calvin hernia surgery

91. HEY Dudes

92. Flannels

93. Squid Games

94.Gabby Petito's disappearance

95. Beauty filters

96. British Royal Fam DRAMA

97, cartoon filters

98. #freebrittany

99. TIkTok

100. TITUS

Friday, December 31, 2021

Big Plans - Poor Follow thru

 Pretty much sums up my little life.

I wrote the previous 4 or 5 posts back around my birthday. Had a bit of a mid-life crisis there for a minute when I realized how much of my life I have wasted. Had another little moment of freak out when I realized how much my writing changed. Annnd another slip into despair when I thought about who I WANT to be compared to who I actually am. I wasn't going to publish those posts. I read them tonight and worried that maybe they are too... raw. (Especially the one about "Surviving") BUT I DO want to be free to open my soul and bleed all over the keyboard. I want the freedom to word vomit whatever thoughts are banging around in my head. I want to open up and just let the words flow. After all - this is my blog - right?

So - I published the posts- and was intentional when I published the one about "surviving" - because I do still have bad days. Somedays are REALLY bad. Yes, I still have moments - even many moments strung together- that I think I can't do this and I wish God would take me on to heaven so that the pain that is so constant in this life would no longer...hurt. I'm not being fair to myself or to anyone else who fights against depression by denying that I still have really really bad days. So - I published the posts.   

Now - to be fair - I have some REALLY good days too. Honestly, lately I have had probably and equal number of good and bad days - which is AMAZING. Things are getting better. I am finally moving from "trapped in the pit of despair" me and "zombie from too much medication" me back toward "normal" me...which isn't really very normal I don't suppose...but I feel soooo much better than I have in so many years!

ANY WAY- now for the actual reason I started this particular post... I have terrible follow thru!

I make WONDERFUL plans. I have GREAT intentions. I have TERRIBLE follow thru.

I do want to do all the things. I do want to make my little piece of the world better. I do want to leave the people God puts in my path better than I found them. I want to add to people's lives - not take from them. I do want people to want to know Jesus because they have known me. I want to create beautiful things and I want to share art with others.. I want to love my people well. I want to make the rest of my life count for something. I want it to matter that I was here. 

But I'm probably not going to blog every day. I'm PROBABLY not going to do one little thing everyday to make my world better - even though that does sound like a lovely idea. I am going to start project 365 tomorrow (January 1)...we'll see how it goes.

So- time for making plans. That's what New Year's Eve is all about - right? Out with the old, in with the new.

Big Hugs


Some Little Something Every Day...

November 26, 2021

That's the plan anyway.

I'm going to do SOMETHING every day that makes me a better person. No- that's not exactly right. I'm going to do something every day that reflects who I want to be. No... that's not quite it either.


See, here's the thing - I want to do ALL the things. 

HA! I really do! I want to paint and sew and quilt and play piano and crochet beautiful afghans and have a beautiful flower garden (so I can have and give fresh flowers) and have a fabulous veggie garden (so I can have and give veggies). I want to be thin and beautiful and fun and kind and empathetic and dependable. I want to have a neat and tidy home and yard. I want to be a wonderful cook and make fabulous desserts. I want to be a valuable asset to the company I work for. I want to serve my community. I want to be a source of encouragement for the people who cross my path. I want to offer hope. I want to be a good wife and mom and Nan to my people. I want to be a loving leader in my church. I want to be filled with peace and joy. I want my smile to be genuine and contagious and I want to smile often. I want to be a good steward of the money, time, talents, gifts, and  things God has given me.

 I want to use the rest of the time God gives me to make a difference in the lives of the people He has put in my life

Somehow I drifted into thinking that this can only be accomplished through doing "big" things... Like feeding people on Thanksgiving or working with the homeless community, etc. I somehow lost sight of the many little ways people impact my life each day. Many times, it's been the little acts of kindness that have most impacted my life.

I want to be full so that I have plenty to give to others.

I've realized that I can only be a positive impact on the lives of others if I am "happy" myself. I don't think that I can be "happy" all the time. I'm thinking more that I need to do things that bring ME joy alongside doing things that benefit others. This is where painting, crochet, piano, sewing, baking, etc. come into play. These things do make me happy. I no longer think it's selfish to do the things that make me happy - I just need to find balance so that I don't neglect the things that I need to do for others.

 So - That's the plan for this last year of my 40s. I'm going to intentionally do some little something everyday that either fills me up or fills others up.  

Annnnnd - so that I hold myself accountable, I am going to record this year here. Maybe I'll post it all the night before my 50th birthday. This is in no way an attempt to be a bragger. I am on the struggle bus and I need some structure so that I can get myself together.  I'm also attempting to complete Project 365 so that I have the year in pictures. My prayer is that writing will keep me balanced and focused and that I will be in a MUCH better place a year from now than I was when I sat down at the keyboard a few days ago. 

Big hugs-


Today's Little Something:

Got caught up at work so that I can go in Monday without so much pressure.

Gave myself a pedicure.

Today's Picture:

 Took this one while I was texting with Mom and Tonda and sent it to them to prove to my sister I was working and not ignoring her. Was so great just to chat with them. Made me feel really good.