Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday's Weekly Recipes - Christmas 2017

2 words...


I found the most wonderful (translation: practically no fail) sugar coolie recipe and royal icing recipe last year. I confess I did not make CHRISTMAS cookies last year...I was a bit late discovering my passion for these little pieces of art. Iz and I started making cookies in January. This year I have time blocked out to make cookies and i am pretty stinkin excited about it.

Now, to be fair, this is NOT something that can be done quickly. This is NOT the thing you want to try for a last minute something to take to the office party. No, this is a Saturday afternoon endeavor.

My plan is to make make and roll my dough on Thursday night,  bake the cookies on Friday night while I clean house, finish laundry and house work on Saturday morning, get supper in the crockpot and then spend Saturday afternoon decorating cookies with the girls. (it's just too much for me to do in one day)

Before i forget (gasp), here is a link to the recipes for sugar cookies AND royal icing that I use:
The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe. Ever.

Couple of quick things...
Use parchment paper. Totally worth it.
Bake your dough COLD.
Chill your rolled dough for at LEAST 30 minutes
You want to take them out of the oven BEFORE they turn "golden" if you want nice chewy cookies. Once they turn golden, they will be crunchy.

Get a feel for using an icing bag before you start on your cookies.

I have done cookies with my kids since they were LITTLE. Iz and her friends LOVED making cookies when they were tiny. Back then I used sugar cookie dough from the grocery and cake decorating icing (also bought from the grocery) and lots and lots of "sprinkles". We made cookies for Halloween, St Pats, Valentines, Christmas, pretty much any time we wanted.

Yes, they make a huge mess... but OH the memories!

Now that she is older, Iz and I have moved up to homemade cookies and royal icing.

Here are some inspirations from my Pinterest "Cookies!" board:


Much love and BIG hugs!