Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Scripture - Romans 8:37-39

This was part of my Scripture during my quiet time last week and was a wonderful reassurance to me. Sure, I wish life could be a bit easier at times, but when I stop and consider things from an eternal perspective, it's all good. I belong to Christ and nothing can change that.

Dear Reader,
It is my prayer that you will find comfort and peace in the promises found in God's Word.

Much love and big hugs!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Get Fit Friday - 100 Day Challenge - And So It Begins

So today is actually day 2. I had to start yesterday in order to end on a Friday. I'm weird like that. 

I don't really have anything to report of course, being that I just started. 

I will say this... 

I am SUPER excited! 
(and honestly, quite scared... my heart keeps asking, "What  if I  fail?")

I have felt paralyzed for SO long. I know that some of this is just... life.  I don't expect everything to suddenly be perfect, nor do I expect this to be easy. I've made some commitments that are going to be down right hard... BUT I figure I can commit to anything for 100 days AND after 100 days it SHOULD be pretty easy to keep it up.

I did do a few things to try to make these first days a bit less traumatic... 
I started drinking much more water about a month ago. 
I deleted my favorite game off my phone. Not that games are bad, only that I spent excessive amounts of time building my virtual metropolis and chatting with the people who played. 
I evaluated the way I use my planner. As with most things, I was being OVERLY detailed and rigid in my planning. I had to relax there a bit and adjust it to appointments, deadlines, and such. 
I started putting my phone on Do Not Disturb at 9:00 each night.
I slowly transitioned my diet from mostly fast food/restaurant food/processed food to a diet that can probably be considered Vegan (I do not identify as a Vegan, but that is a post for another day) and is totally prepared by me. I didn't put any pressure on myself here. I just prepared foods that I enjoy that also make me feel good. It just so happens that this ended up not including meat or dairy. (I also did not eat any of the Oreo Truffles my girls made the other night...see Wednesday's recipe)
I started doing modified push-ups so that I could at least do ONE push up when I started.

I read a lot about building habits, the benefits of a healthy diet and of exercise, and the effects of processed foods on our bodies. 

I thought I was pretty prepared... until I had to get up and go to the gym. Ugh! Soooo tired! I also underestimated the amount of food I'd require. I'm missing those calories I used to get from my morning coffee(s). Maybe this isn't going to be a cut and dry as I'd hoped. Its all good tho. No worries.

One funny thing did happen... I printed off a reading plan to get my Bible read in 100 days. Started that at lunch today and was surprised that it only required me to read TWO chapters! So I looked a little closer and discovered that the plan leaves out all of Leviticus and Deuteronomy and only has a few chapters listed for several other books! I got online and found another plan. Surprise surprise.. I have to read 15 chapters today... not 2! LOL

Until next week!