Friday, February 20, 2009

Home...Day 2

Still doing well. The entire right side of my head and neck are numb to the touch. Well, from the top of my ear down anyway. My headache has finally eased up, leaving room for the pain in my neck to be acknowledged. My lip is not quite so swollen and my eyes are not quite so puffy. my neck is pretty swollen on the right side, but that is expected.
I had hoped that we might hear from the pathology report today. Of course, they have much more tissue to look at this time, being that we removed all those lymph nodes. Maybe Monday will bring us some news.
I am trying not to write too much while I am on pain meds...wouldn't want to be embarrassed later.
My doctors did a great job. Dr Pitman came and visited Wednesday night, as did Dr Grimm and (I think) Dr Donaldson. I must check to make sure Ihave Dr Donaldson's name correct. She was so super sweet. Calvin said he liked her better than anyone. i am sure it was because of her amazing bedside manner and had nothing to do with the fact that she is an adorable blonde! ha ha ha She said something that is perhaps the only thing I really remember wednesday night...she said "They told me you were doing great, but I had to come by and see for myself." I guess it still amazes me that the doctors that I have met over the past few months really seem to care about me as a person....not just about getting me well.
Enough for now....
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