Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I do have a brain afterall

So I had a MRI / Brain scan thing on Monday. Seems that the good Doctor S would not give me another round of migrain meds unless I agreed to see a Neurologist and make sure that we didn't have anything sinister causing my sudden esclation in headaches. (Anyone ever heard of STRESS?)
Anyway, went to see the neurologist. Failed one of his tests. Since I have had cancer in my neck, i need an MRI....blah blah blah....
Had the MRI on Monday at lunch.
Here's our e-mail "conversation".....

Are you going to get a copy of the MRI results?
I am going back to Dr Wolfe on the 12th.
Do I need to tell him to send the results to you?
Will he give me a pic of my brain (assuming they found one)?
I mean, if I ASK that an unrealistic request?
I sure do like the good folks at the Otolaryngology and whatever it is clinic a lot better than the folks down in neurology...
Guess they don't know that I am supposed to be their favorite patient! Ha ha ha
Have a great day!

Sure, you can ask them to send the results to me. I'm curious to see what (if anything) is up there....

John M. Schweinfurth, M.D.
Department of Otolaryngology

Sooo I understand that you have access to the MRI since I had it done at UMC..

Why don't you check it out for me???? Just take a little peek. Make sure everything is okay..ya know..have a brain and nothing else in there.

I know that we are all most certain that there is nothing wrong with my brain, but would rather NOT go in to see Dr Wolfe on the 12th and him say "I really had no idea." Not a big fan of the "the tests did not come back like we expected" speech. I know we have this long term thing going on, but I am not planning on being chummy with any other doctors.
I know the chances are super slim.but it seems that I have a tendency to be in the 1 in a million club as of late. I'm tired of that club. Maybe I can get my name taken off the membership roll.
I don't know what exactly I hope to accomplish by you looking at it other than that I trust that if something IS outta whack, you MIGHT be able to persuade them to see me sooner. (Although I WAS supposed to go in tomorrow.but have to be in Birmingham and had to reschedule) I suppose it would just make me feel better if you know what the results are, even if I don't.
Besides, Dr Wolfe told me I just needed a glass of Scotch and a good Cuban cigar. Perhaps he was not listening to the part about cancer in my throat being the reason we were looking at my head in the first place..ha ha

See ya in a few weeks

Much to my surprise, you have a brain, it appears to be normal sized, AND it's otherwise completely normal! My guess is that you brought someone else in to sub for you....

John M. Schweinfurth, M.D.
Department of Otolaryngology

And so it goes between me and the good Doctor.

I will be SO glad when I am not nervous about every little test anymore. I will be so glad when "what if" does not cross my mind.

DOn't get me wrong, I am not "afraid" If there was something growing in my head causing the headaches, I would face it....sitting right in Jesus' lap...crying on His soulder a good bit of the time. I am glad that Doc let meknow that everything is okay, just like we thought and I am glad to know for sure rather than guessing.

Perhaps if i was totally over this and didn't have these little hiccups from time to time, i would forget to lean on Jesus. Maybe I would forget how he carried me through my cancer journey. Maybe.

All I know is that I am eternally grateful that I knew Jesus before I got cancer and that I loved him before I got cancer so that my natural resopnse to such a trying time was to lean heavily on my Lord!

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