Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have built a city here,
half with pride and half with fear,
I just wanted a safer place to hide,
I don't wanna be safe tonight.

I need you like a hurricane,
thunder crashing wind and rain,
to tear my walls down,
I'm only yours now.
I need you like a burning flame,

wild fire untamed,
to burn these walls down,
I'm only yours now,
I'm only yours now.

I am yours and you are mine,
You know far better than I,
And if destruction's what I need,
Then I'll recieve it Lord from Thee,
Yes, I'll recieve it Lord from Thee.

And it's your eye in the storm,
watching over me,
and its your eye in the storm,
wanting only good from me,
and if you are the war,
let me be your casualty,
til I'm yours alone, I am only yours.
I am yours alone, Lord.
~ Jimmy Needham

Oh my goodness! I finally HEARD the words to this song on the wa to church this morning and...WOW! I cannot wait to share it with the FLO girls tonight! OH LORD! I do indeed need you like a Hurricane!

My thoughts are scrambled. My sweet friend Sherry will most likely lose her Husband to Heaven today. Praying with her onthe phone, I asked God to give her the strength to let him go. OH! How hard that would be!
So, instead of trying to make sense of the many many different ideas banging around in my head and heart this afternoon, I'll add the Hurricane video.
This is my prayer....
Lord, I do need you like a Hurricane. Tear down the walls that keep me from you.
If destruction is what I need to get you to where you want me to be, then send it.
I trust you.

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