Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun Stuff

Today was I needed today. I needed to laugh and to just be happy. Tonight in FLO Bible Study, we talked about the difference in being Joyful and being Happy. I am normally joyful. Today I was just plain everyday happy.
Had lunch with the Ministry team. We had great fun making fun of me writing my end of the conversation. Turns out that my facial expressions have become...more my silence. We laughed at the other girls feeling the need to talk with their hands or even take the pen from me and write themselves. We were all feeling a bit silly I suppose....but it sure did feel good. God has indeed blessed me with some amazing women to be in my close circle of friends. I love watching how we each relate to things differently. I love watching God work in their lives and allowing them to see him work in mine.
Tonight we "unveiled" the FLO Blog. Here's the link : This afternoon, i sent an e-mail out to my friends that are not part of our Ladies Bible Study and told them about the blog. By the time I got ready to leave for church, we had 132 hits!
At church, Joshua let us use his laptop to let the ladies in Bible Study see the blog and see how to sign in and all that fun stuff (some of them don't know a blog from a booger...neither did I a year ago, so I am not making fun!). So I got to church, and he had even set the laptop up for us! I was super impressed at this extra effort on his part because the men in our group of friends tend to make fun of FLO. One calls it "the secret society". Calvin and Joshua call it our Kumbayah meeting. Anyway, Joshua went the extra mile to help us introduce our blog. What a sweet guy! I found him, thanked him, and went to find Christa, Christie, and Lindsay. I wanted to sign on and show them how many people had hit the blog so far. Found Christa and Lindsay. Went back to the PC. Clicked on the link....and Kumbayah began to play. THOSE RASCALS! I have to admit, putting our "theme song" on our blog was...well, they got us good. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I was a bit freaked out that everyone who visited our blog before we could fix it would hear the instrumental version of the old "last night of church camp sitting around the campfire" song, but it WAS a great prank.
Come to find out, Joshua, being much younger and much more computer savvy than we are, set our blog up as a home page on his lap top or something. At any rate, he did NOT add it to our actual blog. Again....many laughs from that one.
So, today was a great day. Almost normal. I really needed it!
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