Friday, April 17, 2009

All's Right with the World...mine anyway

Have you ever had a period of time when you feel like things just could not get any better? Ever had a period of time when things just seem to fall into place? Ever had a moment when you realize that everything is “right” and you just wish you could stay right there?
That’s where I am today. This has been a WONDERFUL week for our ministry, from a planning standpoint. We now are on the verge of having an official logo to go along with our blog so that we will have a visual attachment to the ministry. (Not exactly the golden arches, but it is a start!) The FLO blog has had over 300 hits in just 3 days, which totally blows my mind. So far we have hits from Mississippi (duh), Tennessee (my mom and childhood friends are all there), Texas ( the Spa Girls), and the UK (Anna, one of our young adults…she and her hubby Jeremey are in England with the Air Force). I am waiting on my friends in Destin to sign in and then am sooo looking forward to see how it spreads! We are starting another GREAT Bible Study on Wednesday…so the Flo Ministry is just going great!
To make things even better, I have somehow managed to keep my laundry caught up this week and do not have 14 bazillion loads of dirty clothes waiting to be done on Saturday! (Can I get an Amen?) The house is relatively clean, and if I really put my heart into it, I could probably get the floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed; the stuff that has to be dusted…dusted, and the bathrooms cleaned tonight and- TaDA!- could have tomorrow to…work in the yard. Unless it rains…and then I wouldn’t have to do that either! Anybody know a good rain dance?
We are going over to have burgers with some friends tomorrow night. They are a sure thing for laughing til your sides hurt, so that will be GREAT…and Don makes a mean burger!
Then Sunday is CHURCH! Talk about blessings! I don’t even know where to start. I think back to when Calvin was filling in as Interim Pastor 2 summers ago (has it really been that long?) and we were praying about whether or not to turn in his resume’ to the pastor search committee….and then look at where we are now…WOW! Talk about blessings! I cannot express what a blessing it is to be Calvin’s wife. It is amazing to watch him as he serves God with all he’s got. I know few people who truly seek God’s will in what they do…he is at the top of the list. Joshua came into the picture in January (really? Seems like we have known him for ever) and began to round out Pearson’s Ministry team. Those two are absolutely unbelievable. They are like brothers. I have never seen a more perfectly matched pair for ministry. Joshua almost immediately became a part of our family. Not just at church. I mean the kind of family that drops by, looks to see what’s in the fridge and plays the Wii with the kids. My point is, God has so obviously brought us to this point. Everything fits just right. Every ministry in the church is growing. Sunday school classes are growing. People are growing spiritually, and it is the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to be a small part of what is going on!
I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday that I am not dreading. No bad news this time. Just get to hear Dr. S tell me how amazing it is that the cancer is completely gone. Well, that is as long as I can get rid of this cough and fever. If not, then we will also have to talk about that. Maybe it will be gone by then and we can just talk about the good stuff…like no cancer and no more surgeries for 3 whole months! WooHOO!
So, right now everything is right….and I am so grateful. Just like I crawl into my Creator’s lap and cry when I am broken, I want to run to Him and wrap my arms around His neck and embrace Him in a big bear hug when things are this good. I want to rush to Him and tell Him all about my day. I want to just thank Him for making everything fall into place in every area of my life. Even if it is only for a short time, I am truly thankful.
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