Monday, February 9, 2009

"I'm listening"

I think the hardest thing that I have had to face so far through all of this is not being able to sing in church. Who would have thought that would devastate me? Of all the things that have been going on, not being able to sing was really the worst. There are so many songs that speak of exactly how I feel.
"You are awesome in this place, Mighty God! You are awesome in this Place, Abba, Father!"
"I worship You, Almighty God, There is none like You."
"You are the air I breathe"
"I could sing of Your love Forever"
"You are my refuge"
These are just few lyrics that give words to my feelings about my Lord.
Not being able to sing to Him was almost unbearable after my first surgery.
I was dreading not being able to sing after this last surgery.
Last Sunday, I decided I'd give it a try, I'd sit in the choir loft and "lip sync" if necessary. God heard the cry of my heart and gave me the sweetest gift. He allowed me to sing. He allowed me to sing! It was all I could do to keep it "together". I was so humbled and grateful that God took the time to hear my heart's cry. Then I was hit with the enormity of the fact that many many times (before this) I sat in the pew with something else on my mind and have not truly praised Him. In spite of my neglect, He gave me the most precious gift I could have dreamed of. It was as if He whispered to my heart, "Sing for me, my sweet child". And I did. Just for Him. I poured out all of the love in my heart and praised Him for who He is. My Creator, My Father, My Savior, My Lord, My strength, My refuge, My hiding place, My Comfort, the very air I breathe.
Oh God! Please never let me be so consumed with this fleeting life that I do not worship You!
He gave me the same gift again yesterday. He even kept my headache in check until after the evening service!
God is blessing our church in SO many ways! He is adding to our numbers almost every week! He is bringing old friends back to us and introducing us to new friends all the time! Last week we had 6 join the church and this week we had one new member and one of our first youth come back to us! The new Sunday school class is growing (19 - early 30's) by leaps and bounds! We have had 3 new members in the past couple of weeks! Our FLO (For Ladies Only) Bible study has grown from 10 or 12 to just over 30, when everyone shows up. The choir has tripled! We have over 40 on the "roll" now!
God is so good! I can't wait to meet Dr Pitman on Wednesday and see what she has to say. Hopefully we can have surgery next week. What ever the outcome, I know God is in control. He is with me, and He loves me enough to let me sing for Him.
Hugs! K
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