Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: My Battle with Food, Exercise, and Body Image

Had the Flu last week.
That really wasn't much fun.
Since i wrote last, I'd gained to 255.
Today i weighed in at a flat 250.
So, I'm hopeful.

A dear friend of mine, who hasn't even seen her 40th birthday, had a stroke last week. A minor stroke, but a stroke none-the-less. This caught my attention. She is overweight and diabetic. Now she's had a stroke.

So, yesterday I went to the gym. Rode the stationary bike - only because i still have this terrible cough post Flu (am going to the Dr to see about that today) and didn't want to have a coughing fit.

Can't gym today because i have to get to church, but will be there again tomorrow. Maybe i could do something at home tonight... that's a thought.

I am seriously considering Intermittent Fasting again. It worked well for me before. I think it works because it cuts out my mindless snacking and soda-drinking.

I could fast for 16 hours / eat for 8 and it wouldn't interfere with much of anything really. I could actually fast 18-20 hours most days and call it "fasting" when in reality I'd just be giving up snacking and soft drinks! ha!

So, here's the plan (nothing else has clicked, might as well start over again)
IF (Intermittent Fasting) 16-18 hours a day
Gym M T T F Sa
Up H2O intake to 80 oz a day

If you haven't already figured this heart really isn't in this. I KNOW i need to lose weight, not for vanity, but for my actual HEALTH. It might be easier if it WAS for vanity.

Maybe if i could lose 20 pounds i'd be encouraged. Who knows. It seems like an impossible task to lose 80 pounds.

Anyway, weighing in at 250 today.
Starting IF, going to the gym, and upping water consumption.

See ya next week!

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