Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blissfully Bored

So the preacher/husband thinks I have lost my mind. I have been on the computer all day...well...most of it anyway. I've gotten laundry done and gotten some other things done, but I've also been on the computer...a lot.
I FINALLY figured out how to use a TEMPLATE off the web and not just a BACKGROUND! Now, I can stay online for hours looking at you can imagine how long i can scroll through templates...I've been looking at templates all day! I was initially searching for a Christian themed background, because I couldn't figure out how to make the templates work. About an hour ago, I found a sight with instructions on how to use templates and "WOO HOO!" a whole new aspect of the blogger world has opened up for me!
This is almost as good as discovering a wonderfully amazing new flavor of ice cream! Ok, maybe not that great....but I'm pretty excited.
I'm still going to look for "the perfect template". I would LOVE to find something that is representative of "The Battle" and just keep it. As it is now, I change the look of the blog whenever the mood hits me.
As you can see, things have been pretty quiet around here today. The previous few weeks have been full of terrific learning experiences and I have no complaints about today being borderline boring. As with most learning experiences, they were not so terrific at the time, so having nothing more to think about today than blog templates has been wonderful.
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