Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God, What do YOU want to do in this situation?

Our Ladies Bible Study lesson last night was on Looking for Christ in all things. The majority of the lesson was on listening to God. (you can see the whole lesson by following the link to the For Ladies Only blog)

Of everything that was discussed, 2 sentences stood out to me:
“When we find ourselves confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by situations around us, the best question we can ask is ‘Father, what do You want to do in this situation?’ Asking that question immediately shifts your focus off the problem and onto the One who has all the answers and provision in His hand.” (Charles F Stanley, Practicing Spiritual Disciplines)

I have played these words over and over in my head for almost 2 weeks now. I have replayed situations and circumstances where I desperately wanted God to tell me what He wanted me to do and...ah ha! Did you see it? Did you catch the problem?

I wanted God to tell me what He wanted me to do.

As I keep replaying events and choices and circumstances and other stuff in my head, I see over and over again that everything worked out about the same time that I gave up. (I have to laugh at that) In giving up, I essentially said, “Okay God, what do You want to do here?”

I think that many times God doesn’t want ME to do anything but step back and trust HIM to work things out. I wonder how much more quickly problems in my life will be resolved if I start asking God “What do You want to do in this situation?” instead of asking Him what He wants me to do.

One thing I do know for sure. When I take the focus of myself and what I need to do in a situation and put the focus on GOD and what HE wants to do THROUGH a situation, everything in me changes. God always heals my heart and calms my fears and soothes my nerves when I shift my focus to Him.

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