Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday Weigh-In: My Battle with Food, Exercise, and Body Image

Yes, I know it is THURSDAY!
How did I miss posting this Wednesday?
I guess I'm crazy now that I have decreased my sugar intake so drastically!

Nah, just got a little busy. Wednesday was my 20 year Anniversary! 20 years with the sure flies. We went to lunch and it was REALLY nice to have him all to myself for a little while.


I was really anxious about weigh in this week. I stayed within my points, but did not eat as smartly as I did the first week.

Even so, I lost 1.4 pounds!

That makes 6.6 pounds total!  Closing in on 10!!! 12.6 is 5% of my beginning weight.

This week is proving a bit more difficult. I have PMS munchies, went to lunch with the hubs for our anniversary yesterday AND had a Cadbury creme egg after church last night. I am thinking that next week's weigh in will be disappointing.

I am not giving up tho. 

I'm going home for lunch today and will eat some green veggies. Planning on keeping my meals pretty green for the rest of the week.

Going to the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday to burn some extra calories.

We'll see if i can make up for yesterday's fail.

Thing is, if i am going to use this as my "life change"...if i am going to eat this way forever, i WILL have days when things just don't work. Stress, PMS, Fatigue, holidays and celebrations are all part of life and i need to learn how to enjoy them without totally falling back into my poor eating habits.

My GOAL is to become a lifetime Weight Watchers member. I think i have to reach my goal weight and stay within 2 pounds of it for some period of time. Then i no longer have to pay for weight watchers so long as I stay within so many points of my goal weight.
MY personal goal weight is 150 lbs. Not sure what they consider my goal weight.

My stomach is not so bloated and my pants are starting to fit a little better. Not any monumental changes...yet.

I want to be able to comfortably wear shorts this summer. (Not short shorts)
Honestly, I just want to be COMFORTABLE with my body, what ever size that ends up being!

Til next week...
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