Thursday, January 21, 2016

Out with the old...In with the New

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January is filled to overflowing with the promise of a fresh start, and for years I made resolutions that I believed would help me become the person I wanted to be. Problem is, the things we resolve to remove from (or add to) our lives on January 1st are just symptoms of the things that truly hold us captive and steal our joy. As long as we only address the symptoms, we will be in the same worn out, weighed down, weary place this time next year.
So, before January slips into February and the hope of the New Year is a distant memory, let’s look at the heart-issues that steal our joy and peace. The list is made up of  things like guilt, regret, anxiety, bitterness, rage, hopelessness, shame, longing, and all manner of hurt.

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