Monday, January 18, 2016

My Word and Verse for 2016

Earlier this month, my friend Leah Adams wrote about her Word for 2016. I have claimed a verse for the year before, but never a word. I love the idea and have spent the past several days consumed with asking God to give me my own word for 2016.

Ironically, the word I believe He has given me is “Balance”.  I blew this off for several days, thinking that it wasn’t NEARLY profound enough. Not even remotely spiritual enough. So I kept searching and asking and still got “Balance”.  Once I stopped looking for something else to cling to, I realized that this really does make absolute perfect sense.

Several years ago a doctor diagnosed me with OCD and I laughed…because I am a TERRIBLE house keeper. After talking with him, I realized that there is much more to OCD than keeping a clean house or washing your hands 100 times a day. Actually my lack of house cleaning is something that evolved as I lost control over what goes on in my home. I can’t keep things the way they “should” be, so I just gave up. (That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it) Obviously, I am only mildly OCD (if I really even am at all) and I am very thankful for that. While there are some things in my life that “must” be a certain way, I really just obsess over things. When my brain latches onto something, it is all I can think about until I somehow resolve it. Sadly, most everything else is neglected until I get to the end of whatever it is that I am obsessing about…and once I resolve it, I’m done. THIS is what I believe God desires for me to balance out.

So, even though I originally thought it was silly, “Balance” is a great word for me to claim in 2016.

Now, for my verse, I am teetering between Colossians 3:17, Matthew 6:33, and Luke 12:34. All deal with priorities and I’m not sure which is pressing on me more.

Going to pray about it for a while longer.
If you have a verse/word for 2016, I'd love to hear about it!

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