Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Guest Writer on Internet Cafe - All things work together...

The wonderful folks at Internet Café Devotions allowed me to be a guest writer today.
So very thankful for the opportunity!

We all have people in our lives that antagonize us. Maybe it’s a boss, a parent, or coworker. Maybe they give you a hard time, or belittle you. Maybe someone in your life is never satisfied with what you do. They seem to draw attention to anything that you do wrong. I have a distant relative who was this person for me. I didn’t see him often, but when I did, he crushed my heart. He was critical of my faith, of my family, of my career choice, and of anything else he could find fault with. I felt utterly helpless to defend myself against his harsh assessment of me and my life. Perhaps you can relate. Before you completely write your antagonist off, may offer up something to consider? Perhaps there is a reason that this person is in your life. I know that has been the case for me.

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