Monday, May 21, 2012

Anemia could be the cause of my fatigue!

School is out and summer is here!
Everything is absolutely great!!!!! I found out last week that I am anemic! This IS good news because it means that all this fatigue that I have been battling MIGHT not be from the radiation I got last summer. OH! To think that I might get my energy back!!!!  I am going to a few doctors to try and discover why I am anemic, but started taking an iron supplement and folic acid tonight.
I am super excited! I am so tired of being so tired!!!! I had resigned myself to being terribly tired for another year. I am so excited that anemia could be the cause!!!!

We have 2 new animals added to Izzy's zoo: Bugsy the Guinea pig and Bob the turtle. At least I think she named the turtle Bob....not entirely sure about that.

BDub made Student Council and the soccer team for next year. He still plans to play football and will try out for baseball too.

Still going to see Doc once a month until August. If I am still cancer free, I think I will be able to see him every other month starting in September. Last time I made it 2 years cancer free, so I expect I will get a little nervous as that 2 year anniversary approaches.

Still cannot believe that I have had (and beat) cancer twice.

I will go see Dr B tomorrow to discuss my anemia and will post about that tomorrow night.

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