Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prayers for peace

I thank God for who ever it is that is praying the I have peace! I have been sitting here thinking "I should be anxious, nervous, or at least upset." the tumor board meets tomorrow. They are probably going to recommend radiation and possibly chemo. Even though Doc S didn't see anything on the ct scans, they could see something and recommend to remove more lymph nodes. Oh LORD!! I do not want that surgery again!!!! Actually, I don't want radiation or chemo either. I want this to just go away.
Still, I have the most bizarre peace. I know God is with me. I know God has already worked all of this out for His glory. I trust Him completely.
So tomorrow the tumor board will make their recommendation.

Please Lord, stay near me and give me strength for what ever they say. Lord I know you already know what they will say. I know that you know what I will need and I trust that you will provide it.

No matter the recommendation tomorrow, there will be relief in knowing that this maddening stage of waiting is over.

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