Thursday, March 25, 2010

When things are not so great

This has been a very tough week for several of my friends.
Christie has a baby at the daycare whose mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when the baby was 6 weeks old. Mom died this week. Left the daddy with 3 little of whom will never remember her mommy.
A friend at work lost his wife. Left behind a teenage son. Tragic.
My precious friends Mike and Sherry got the news we've all been dreading...Mike is going to Hospice. I was just looking at pics from Super Bowl 2009...Mike was cutting up with the other guys. So sad to have to say goodbye to good friends. I can't imagine what Sherry must be feeling.
I'm worried about my little sister. She has been posting things on FB that make me think she is unhappy. Of course, she always says that she is fine. She probably is.
I don't really have much else to say. Like I said in the beginning, it has been a sad week. There are times when there just are no good words to say. In the 3 families I mentioned earlier, well, it just stinks. There is no way to make them really feel better. Part of their life has been taken and that just hurts. It just hurts and there really is nothing to say other than "I am so sorry that you are walking this road, and I am here if you need me"
I like the new song by Matthew West.......

Save a Place for Me

Don’t be mad if I cry
It just hurts so bad sometimes
‘Cause everyday it’s sinking in
And I have to say goodbye all over again

You know I bet it feels good to have the weight of this world
Off your shoulders now
I’m dreaming of the day
When I’m finally there with you

Save a place for me
Save a place for me
I’ll be there soon
I’ll be there soon
Save a place for me
Save some grace for me
I’ll be there soon
I’ll be there soon

I have asked the question why
But I guess the answer’s for another time
So instead I’ll pray
With every tear
And be thankful for the time I had you here

And I wanna live my life
Just like you did
Make the most of my time
Just like you did
And I wanna make my home up in the sky
Just like you did
Oh, but until I get there
Until I get there

Save a place for me

The ONLY good thing we can offer those who are suffering with grief is that there IS the promise of heaven. If Jesus is Lord of our lives, if we accept his gift of salvation, then we can indeed look forward to a time when there will be no more tears, no more loss, no more sadness, no more grief. Until the time comes for us to join them in heaven, we can rest in the arms of our Savior, knowing that He understands our hurts. He alone knows how much it hurts.

In their CD jacket, where they talk about all the songs, Mercy Me says that "Homesick" is how they feel about Heaven, They said that they are hurting because they have lost loved ones, but that they are JEALOUS of the ones that have gone on to Heaven because THOSE people are actually in the presence of the One we live for. I like that. It has stuck with me. I am looking forward to Heaven and i too am a bit jealous of those that are already there.

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