Thursday, March 4, 2010

Choose Wisely

 These are our crazy kids.....the preacher's kids, the deacon's kids, and the praise team member's kids. These little ones belong to the Women's ministry leader, the Men's ministry leader, the Nursery Committee Chair, and the FLO Blog Modirator. They are good friends, growing up together in similar households with similar values and morals. I love watching them play...even when they are hanging upside down on the front pew.

I remember when I was in Elementary school, my mom told me to choose my friends wisely. She continued to drill this into my head all throughout Jr High and Highschool. Looking back (and now that I have my own kids), I can see her point much more clearly than I did back then. I am realizing that even as an adult it is oh so important to choose my friends wisely.

My friends are the people I go to for advice, so I need to make sure that I choose friends that will lead  me in the right direction....even if it is not the direction I want to go at the time.

My friends are the ones who have the most influence over me....even as an adult, so I need to make sure that my friends are like minded in the things that are important to me. I value my relationship with Christ, working to support our church, having an amazing marriage to the love of my life, raising my babies to love Jesus and follow Him......and so do my friends....because we are like minded, we have the same values and priorities and therefore we support eachother naturaly.

My friends are the ones closest to my family...and my husband. I need to choose wisely the person or people who will have influence on my kids and my spouse,

I could go on and on, but that covers the basics.

Jesus gave us the pattern for friendship. He was kind and compassionate to all people. He healed and taught and visited with people regardless of their background or social standing. Scripture mentions a handfull of people with whom Jesus visited regularly...because they were his friends. BUT he chose 12 men with whom to share his life. Of those 12, He was closer the Peter, James, and John....three. Of the 3, John was the one He loved enough to entrust Mary to at the time of His death. Jesus was selective in how much of Himself He would share with the people in His life. We should use this as an example. The people closest to Him were like minded and devoted. I am sure that, with all the crowds following Jesus everywhere He went, that many wanted to be in His group of close friends, but they were not willing to pay the price for that friendship...they did not share the same values and goals and such as that.

God places people in my life who share common interests, personalities, goals, and values. I am grateful that He blessed me with 2 amazing women who I call my best friends. We are dedicated to sharing the love of Christ, to our families and to our church. Our entire families are at church Sunday morning, sunday night, and wednesday night and any other time we need to be. This works in favor of our friendship and strenghtens the bond between our families because we are all working toward a common goal....making Pearson a stronger church. Our Children are raised with like values. We all know that the rules at one home are almost identical to the rules at the others, because we have the same values and morals and expectations of our kids.

When you choose your friends wisely, it just works. It is not wise to let everyone close to your heart. You can be kind, compassionate, and helpful to all....close to some.....closer to a few....and love a very few....and that is really okay.

Took a long time for me to understand what Mama was trying to tell me.....but now I am beginning to IS important to choose your friends wisely, and when you do, it just works....without any drama.

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