Saturday, May 2, 2009

so much to do!!!!

Calvin and I have always been "busy". We truly enjoy being with our friends and neither of us are much for hanging around the house. We managed fine when we had Brian.... and our friends, the Joneses...Matt not Scott...told us that you aren't really parents until you have at least 2 kids. Yeah yeah whatever....then Izzy came along. WOW! What a difference a kid makes! Izzy is amazing, but MAN! That second child changes everything! We now use Matt and Laurie's philosophy on being a "real" parent with all of our friends with single children...Good times!
Calvin stepping into the role of Sr Pastor didn't really change life that much. If it has, we love our place in God's service so much that it has gone unnoticed.
Brian playing Baseball has kept us running with 2 games and 2 practices a week, but OH so much fun to watch him play! His team is undefeated in the regular season and that adds so much excitement to the games!
THEN the girls and I started the FLO Blog. That's what sent me over the edge I think. Not that I am going to change anything. I LOVE what we are doing. I believe that it is a great way for us to be able to share our testimonies with more women than we could ever meet with in person and get to know well enough to share Christ with. There are so many negatives influencing us is my prayer that the blog will become a place where women can go to be refocused on Christ and refreshed and encouraged in their Christian walk.
All this is to say, I won't be posting quite as much now. To be honest, my personal life is pretty boring now that the whole cancer ordeal is over. It is not as influential to talk about how much I love and trust God when everything is going my way and coming up roses. I am going to try and post once a week, but am not really sure what to post about.
I am learning that, even though I do believe that it is important to make people aware of the war being waged for their souls, you really can't write about everything going on in your own life. It may take me a little while to figure out how to write stories about things that happen to "my best friend's Neighbor's Sunday School Teacher's Brother's Boss's Wife's Hairdresser's Sister".
I'll let you know how that works out! ha ah
What is hard for me is that I am constantly reminded that people are hurting and they are searching and they will look for the answers they need until they find SOMETHING that "works". I believe with every fiber of my being that Jesus Christ and, more importantly, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what "works". So, when I find myself in the heat of the battle and Stinkin Rotten Satan is workin on me, my natural tendency is to think "Oh my! I am not the only one Satan is working on in this manner! I need to help others know how to fight him and I need to let them know that they are not the only person Satan gets to from time to time!"
Unfortunately, there are people who still like to throw stones at glass houses, and as the Pastor's wife, my house is definitely glass. So if you are one who has followed the whole cancer ordeal and now wonder why the sudden silence from someone who has been blessed with the innate need to use up everyone else's extra words every day, I hope I have explained.
First and foremost...we are terribly busy. Second, I am spending a great amount of time working with the FLO Ministry Team expanding the Ladies Ministry. Also, i am trying to find where Christ wants me to draw the line in writing about my personal battles.

I pray that each of you are ready to meet God in worship tomorrow!
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