Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surgery 4 - Post op

Friday's visit with Dr S was just great! First and foremost, no bad news! Yippee!
For those that know medicine and have been actually keeping up with the medical part of the blog, the scar tissue that caught his attention when this all started is still there. The cancer was on one side of the scat tissue and the CIS was on the other. The scar tissue is benign and evidently is not hurting my voice because my voice is fine now. How crazy is that???? I have many thoughts bouncing around in my head about that, but need to get ready for church. I'll sort my thoughts and post again later.
On to the non-medical part of this adventure...Dr S accused me of "yappin" too much. Really? Doc, is that a medical term? Cracked me UP! Dr Norris (was with Dr P and took my stitches out) was there and thanked me for the cookies. Dr S said, "Cookies? Y'all got cookies?" I told him that I told Dr P that I'd make her cookies of she'd give me stitches and she did, so I did. He said "so, she gets cookies, and I get 3 page e-mails about unexplained neck pain." He went on to tell me that my neck pain is from the dissection. "If you have a huge bump on your head and there is a broken 2x4 lying on the floor, do you think your headache is from gettin hit in the head, or from the coke you drank yesterday?" gotta love sarcasm! MAN!
there were a few more funnies yesterday, but again...gotta go get ready for church.
So, all is well. We now have a picture of what "normal" is in respect to my cords and will monitor once a month for the next year. I will have to have one more surgery to make sure everything is still clear, but we are letting me completely heal first.
Looks like we are out of the valley and basking in the sunshine!
Thank you all so much for praying for me over the past months. Thank you for traveling this road with me.
Have a GREAT Sunday!
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