Saturday, April 4, 2009

4th Surgery will be Tuesday April 7

Went to see Dr S yesterday morning and got some promising news. I have a huge growth in the area just above my cords. He thinks it is a Granuloma. It is blocking about 2/3 of my airway and is preventing my cords from touching. I am so relieved! The picture of this thing leaves absolutely no doubt as to why I cannot speak! Thank you God for answering my prayer! I have no reason to think that I won't have my voice back once this thing is out of my throat.
We couldn't see the cord underneath the Granuloma and that's the cord that is misbehaving, so I have no visual indication of what this next biopsy will reveal.
I did ask Dr S if he was going to call me a few days after surgery and tell me that the Granuloma was not a Granuloma afterall. He said that normally he would say no, but since this is me we are talking about, all bets are off and anything is possible. BUT He said that this thing truly does not look anything like cancer.
So, MAYBE we are in for some really good news this time!
Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday Morning. He will remove the Granuloma dn biopsy the cord again. I would think that he'll call me as soon as we have the pathology results, but I am going to ask Tuesday Morning to make sure he is planning to.
He did say that he will "prescribe" a longer period of voice restriction this time....and I am none too hapy about that. BUT my sweet friends Danyelle, Tynes, and Teddie gave me dry erase baords and a cool book what I have put "commonly used phrases" in.
Total silence for 4 weeks is sooooo worth being able to talk afterwards!