Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The One Thing

My heart, my mind, my everything has been radically changed in the past 24 or so hours.
Only one small step was taken on my part and God entered my soul in away I could never have imagined. He has filled me to overflowing. He has made His presence so real that, at times, it makes me gasp.
With only the slightest effort on my part, God came into FULL view (as much as I can stand) and RADICALLY changed my...everything. With Him in His proper place, all of the things that only a few days ago were breaking my heart are no longer significant. With Him in His proper place, everything else falls away...there is only God.
He has, in 24 hours, radically changed my life.
All I did was wake up early to meet Him.
One little thing. I simply got out of bed a bit early, settled in my chair in my sun room, opened my Bible, and asked God to speak to me through His word....and he did.
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