Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Radiation!!!

WHEW! What a relief!
Dr Pitman said that the Tumor Board agreed that Radiation is not needed and that we can go with our original plan of doing the Micro Flap Excision and Laser Ablation on the cord until we get a clean biopsy! Woo Hoo!!!!! What wonderful news! After this recovery, i believe I could return to work the day after the other surgeries! Ok, maybe 2 days after. Point is, they are NOTHING compared to what I have gone through the past 8 days!
I took her cookies, honoring my end of the bargain (if you will give me stitches instead of staples, I will bring you cookies). She said that I made them rethink how they close folks up. They had another younger woman in for the same type thing and they gave her stitches as well. Dr Pitman said that I have a nice looking scar.
There is so much more to tell about the visit. Just can't go into it all right now. Maybe I'll have time to tonight. If not, tomorrow.
Oh well, might as well....
Remember we expected to have to do therapy on the shoulder because this surgery "always" damages the nerve that controls the shoulder because the nerve runs right through the area that they are working on? Well, (imagine this) MY nerve was "out of place" and completely out of the surgical it was not damaged at all. Amazing, Huh? Go Figure!
My scar really is not bad at all. Even today, after just getting the stitches out.
When this is all over, I will be no worse for wear.
Which brings me back to my original belief about the whole thing...there had to be more to this than me just having cancer. God is up to something.
Also, I am back to having Carcinoma In Situ. Funny, before, it scared me to death. Now it is a relief. the diagnosis is the same. Everything is relative.
Dr Pitman said that she is handing me back to Dr Schwienfurth for my primary care, but that I can call on her at any time. She said she was so relieved when she got my results. The look on her face answered one of my really does matter to her how the path results turn out. Maybe I should have asked her if she did the "Happy Dance".
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