Thursday, September 22, 2016

There will come a day when everything is made right

I still watch Disney Channel. I get teased about it a lot. I find great comfort in shows like "Girl Meets World" and "The Middle" where problems are solved, misunderstandings made right and relationships are restored within each 30 minute episode. (Reminds me of the sitcoms I grew up watching - the Brady Bunch, BOY Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Facts of Life, and Full House)

I also enjoy Hallmark Channel movies. They are predictable. Girl meets guy. They have a conflict. Both fight their desire to date. Something tragic happens that causes them to realize they love each other, (mutually and equally). They get married and live happily ever after. There is no massive baggage brought into the relationship, no unsolvable disagreements, oh! and did I mention that they are ALL absolutely G-rated? No expletives - even when they squabble and nothing more physical than a kiss - which is almost always after they declare their undying love for each other.

I watch other things too, but these are my two "go-to" things to watch It comforts me that each episode or movie is wrapped up and tied with a nice pretty bow, because in reality, life just isn't like that. Life can be messy. People can be difficult. Relationships can be strained. Circumstances can become hopeless.  Problems aren't always resolved neatly. People are not always quick to see the best in others, to forgive, or to give the benefit of the doubt.

Life is just... hard.

I guess that's why I watch G-Rated stuff, listen to Christian music, and do my best to steer clear of, well, most everything else I guess. The real world is dark enough for me.

There will be a day when everything is right and good and holy. There will be a day when there is no sin, no sickness, no guilt or anxiety. One day there will be no rape, murder, divorce, adultery, sex trafficking, birth defects, cancer, or broken hearts. One day everything will be as it should it was INTENDED to be when God first created the world and man, but not here. We won't experience the peace our souls crave until we reach heaven.

I am so thankful for the promise of heaven. My heart hurts for those who believe that this life is all there is. My life is great and I love my family, career, friends, church, etc. but oh my goodness, my heart LONGS for heaven.

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