Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stealing thougths from a friend....

I have to share my friend Kelly's post. The message is beautiful, tender, heartfelt and much needed.
So thankful for  her and others like her who are faithful to put the cries of their hearts in print.

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All this time, we’ve been praying for the wrong people

This is a prayer for the non-controversial, invisible Christian.     For you, the one who flies under the radar. Who doesn’t cry persecution, or rejoice when another self-professed Christian trounces someone with his religion. Who doesn’t jump to conclusions or resort to petty name-calling and judgment. Who reads the Bible as a life-giving source of sustenance and not as a weapon with which to bludgeon unbelievers.     Who doesn’t even use the word “unbeliever.”     Who prays, hopes, trusts, holds her tongue, and errs on the side of love. Always love.     This is for the one who accepts those who are not like her and doesn’t let the differences threaten her own beliefs. The one whose faith is not diminished when faced with opposition. The one whose faith is, in fact, strengthened by different perspectives. The one who is never reactive, combative, hateful, or exclusionary.     The one I want to be.This is for you.

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