Monday, April 20, 2015

Twilight ... Hunger and Thirst

As  I've said before, I love to read.  I like all sorts of stories, be they fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, long as they are well written. I love to get lost in a good story. I'll be mentioning Twilight a good bit, but that's just because that is the last thing I read. I read all 4 of those in 9 days, but I read others like Divergent and Hunger Games in a week as well.

I was terribly convicted as I patted myself on the back for completing almost 2500 pages of Twilight in such a short time. Almost immediately I was pressed with the fact that I consider it a challenge to read my Bible in a year, but I can read most any other book in a matter of days. I am embarrassed and ashamed by what this says about what I hunger and thirst for. 

I know all the arguments...
The Bible has more words on a page.
You are supposed to meditate on God's Word.
Scripture isn't intended to be rushed through.
Whatever...the bottom line is that God's word does not appeal to my flesh like a fictional story does.

Fiction draws me in. A well written romance can create longing in my heart. A well written mystery can keep me on edge. I can get lost in the fantasy world of Hobbits, wizards, trolls, dwarves, elves... even vampires and shape shifters. All these speak to my flesh. Even if I see spiritual application...they primarily speak to my flesh initially.

The truth hurts. Satan is sooooo gifted at distracting me with all sorts of beautiful shiny (worthless) things.

In contrast, the Bible speaks to my spirit. I know that my greatest weapon against Satan is time in God's Word and prayer. I know that nothing feeds my spirit and makes me whole like time in God's Word. I know that it is good for me in more ways than I even realize.
So how do I make peace with all this? I promised myself that I would start reading the Bible as soon as I finished Breaking Dawn. Not only that; I promised myself that I would put forth as much effort into completing it as I have put into completing the other books I've read lately. So I'm taking my Bible everywhere I go. Reading every chance I get. At lunch. Waiting for the kids. Before I go to sleep. While everyone else is watching TV.
I'm pretty pumped about it. There are books that I've not Nahum, Zephaniah, Amos, Philemon, and Joel. I wonder what has been hidden from me because I have not taken the time to delve into them before now!
I'm wondering if God will reward my effort. I'm wondering if the journey itself will create a hunger and thirst in my heart for more of His Word. I'm interested to see how it turns out.
I'll let ya know.
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