Friday, November 25, 2011

I cannot believe that it has been 12 weeks since I finished radiation!
Everything is going well. I can't remember now if I mentioned the webbing that has formed between my cords...if I didn't mention it, I have webbing that has formed between my cords. Doc will check it again when I see him on the 29th of this! That's next week!
I can tell that the tissue in my neck is stiffening. My voice is hit and miss, but I do have a voice. I have been leading Ladies Bible Study and singing in the choir. Did not imagine that I would be able to sing in the choir so soon. I have noticed that my range is improving and I wonder what it would sound like if we removed the webbing. I will talk to Doc about it when I see him. I read that the prescribed voice rest is 8 weeks for the surgery and involves putting something between the cords to keep the webbing from forming again after surgery. wowzers.

On to other things....

Just had my 39th birthday. Super excited about being 40 on the next b'day!

Had a great Thanksgiving. Am looking forward to this weekend. Going to see the fam. Hoping to take pictures of the cousins.If so, i may post them. Took pics of my babies last weekend. May post them too...maybe. We'll see.

Things have been pretty uneventful...and I am not complaining.

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