Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Having WHINE with my cheese!!!

Date: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 2:51 PM
Subject: cry baby cry baby... Suck your thumb.

Email to family and friends

Good Morning!
Hope you are all doing well!
I have been a cry baby the past week or so. As most of you know, I had the FLU last week...totally NOT cool! Was really sick for about 5 days. Really really sick. Like, in the bed sick. Not moving sick. Oh my goodness....it was terrible...AND IT IS OVER AND I AM BETTER PRAISE GOD! Well, then the skin on my neck started to really act up. it has gone from pink, to red, to maroon-ish and it hurts. Really hurts. Wakes me up at night hurts. Some psycho cross between a bad burn and a bad case of poison ivy. HAve not found anything to quiet the stinging or to keep it moist enought that it doesn't feel like it is going to tear when I turn my head. UGH! See, there I go again.... Told ya! CRY BABY!!!! hahaha
We're down to 2 treatments! The machine was down yesterday. Otherwise today would be IT! The END! C-Ya LATER!
But no, we still have 2. So....hoping that all goes well and TOMORROW is the END!
On an even more amazingly positive note...my ear stopped hurting!!!! No...really...this is MAJOR BIG NEWS! Really. Ear pain is a sign of laryngeal cancer and I have had a significant ear ache every minute of every day for at least a year. (thought it had to do with my neck disection) I realized the other day that my ear DOES NOT HURT!!!!!!! This is MAJOR BIG AWESOME news!!!!!!!!! This is happy dance kinda news! Also, my neck does not ache. my skin on my neck feels like is is being burned with a blow torch, but the INSIDE muscle type tissue no longer aches!!!!!! This too is MAJOR BIG NEWS!!!!!!! GOOD GOOD GOOD stuff!!!!!!! ALSO> Stacy, my sweet friend here at work, who sees me each and every day, told me today. "I know that the radiation is taking a toll on you and that it is doing all this stuff to you, BUT I was just thinking this morning that OVERALL, you look better than you did before you found out that you had cancer again. You look healthier and more sparkley than you did earlier this year...when you had cancer and didn;t know it. I think the cancer was making you sick and you just didn;t know it." I think she may be right. I like to sparkle....that's good.
So, that's the latest. Thank you ever so much for your prayers and support along this journey. I am praying that it is almost over. Please pray as we wait for the side effects to peak in 2 weeks, that my neck and throat do not get much worse. So far, my neck is only peeling. There are no open sores. Please pray that we will find something that will soothe the tissue on my neck that is so itchy and sore from the burns. Mostly, please pray that this is it...that the radiation obliterated the cancer.
Also please remember to pray for my family. Izzy asked me the other night "Mama, will I ever hear your voice again?" They are all dealing with this like champs, but little things like that let me know that this is wearing on them too and they have concerns and fears too.
I am looking forward to feeling good and sounding good for Christmas with my friends and extended families this year!
On a side note...God has been showing off as of late. He has allowed my precious husband and I to live a couple of sermons over the past weeks. I am so thankful that HE keeps us close and guides us with a STRONG hand so that we can bask in HIS glory when He works in us. Not only has He guided us, pushed us, and carried us as we have walked this road with cancer, He has also blessed our souls beyond measure by demonstrating HIS restorative power! I am convinced MORE than EVER that God's goal in broken relationships is RESTORATION and that when we TRULY put HIM first and seek HIS will, even the most battered relationships can be made whole. I have seen it happen twice this summer and both times I have been left breathless at God's power! He is so good to us and I am so thankful not only be His child, but to be allowed to serve Him!
Love you all!!!!
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