Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Prayer

Father God,
Another week is gone. Did I make the most of it? Thinking back over all the opportunities to share your love and all the temptations that reared their ugly heads....did i make the right choices? Sometimes I did....and sometimes I didn't. Forgive me, Lord for falling short.
Meet with me today Lord. Speak to me in Sunday School. Let me feel your presence in worship.
Most of all, Lord I want to enter next week with YOU as my focus. Create in my heart a hunger and thrist for YOU and your word that override any distractions. I want to feel Your presence in my life Lord. I know that you are with me always. Help me grow Lord. Help me live a consistant life that radiates Your love and Your ways. Help me get off the emotional roller coaster and live a life that is solid and steadfast because everything is built from Your foundation.
Lord, you are so good to me. You have blessed me beyond belief. I want my life to be a reflection of you and your love so that others will want to know you.
Thank you for saving me and thank you for allowing me to serve you!
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