Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just One

I know that this is not an original idea, but I don't have any idea who to give the credit to, so, wonderful person, where ever you are, I am not trying to take credit for your idea.

For the Christian, the idea of leading others to Christ is natural, all be it frightening. Once Christ has touched a person's heart, it is difficult for that new Christian to keep quiet about it. A "New Christian" wants to evangelize the world. Then we get setteled into our new life and that moment when we first met Jesus fades into a distant memory. THEN we begin to fear "witnessing". Most people do truly fear rejection and we do risk rejection when we "risk" sharing our faith. Of course, there are all the "what ifs"...What if they ask me a question I don't know the answer to? What if I forget the scripture I am supposed to recite? What if they just tell me that they are not interested?
As if this was not enough to deter the Christian from "witnessing", there is the sheer enormity of the task before us. I read a statistic that says that something like 2/3 of the people IN CHURCH on Sunday do not actually have a relationship with Christ. 2/3....wow. Add that to the people who are not in church and yes, it is a daunting task.
Christian, let me pose this question to you...."Can you share Christ's love with one?"
I believe that we each have people in our lives that will come to know Christ simply because they know us. How exciting! What a responsibility!
So I challenge you, Christian, who in your life is watching you? To whom in your life can you be the hands and feet of Christ?
What if every born again believer in Jesus Christ invested in the life of one non-Christian or un-churched person? What if every born again believer in Jesus Christ made a decision to strive to live like Christ every day? We would have a revival in the Body of Christ.
Do you know Him? Do you sense His presence as you go through your day? Do you remember how it felt when you realized for the first time that GOD, the creator of the universe, knows the number of hairs on your head? Do you remember the amazement you felt when you fully realized that the same God that picked out the colors of the most breath-taking sunset also chose the color of your eyes? Do you remember what it felt like when you understood the weight of your sin? Do you remember how it felt when you realized that God Himself became a man and died to pay for your sin....before you were even born He provided the way for you to get to heaven? Christian, do you really want to keep that to yourself? Who is your "one"? Who has God put in your life? Who does God want to reveal Himself to through you?
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