Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not much time to write, but must say SOMETHING because I am SO excited!
I saw Doc S last week and got the "all clear" from him...that makes me 19 months cancer free! Still a bit anxious about the 2 year mark, since that is when the cancer returned last time, but, for now I am excited to have made it this far with no recurrence.
JA, my voice therapist suggested Physical Therapy for my neck a few months ago. We've been making small improvements, but last week, we discovered that the scar tissue in my "skin" versus issues with my neck muscles is the "problem". Today, we worked on the scar tissue again...well, Angela worked, I thought I was going to meet Jesus. I felt like the BIGGEST baby, but OH_MY_GOODNESS that hurt!!!!!
However, now that she has loosened up some of that scar tissue, my voice is SO much better! I still may never sing a solo and I still battle with dry-throat and those sorts of things, but my voice sounds SO much better...I cannot even describe the improvement!!!!!
I can honestly say that, if this is as good as my voice gets, I'm okay with that and I have not been able to say that in a VERY LONG time!!
I can sing in the shower and in the car and THAT is a VAST improvement!!!!!!