Thursday, March 8, 2012

Been too long!

I am amazed at how quickly time flies!
I have been trying to keep up with the FLO Blog for the Ladies Ministry and have totally neglected my time here! This is not a good thing, because writing here is like therapy for me. For some reason, writing has been a great outlet for me all of my life. Even as a girl, I kept journals. Getting my thoughts in print not only helps me be objective, but also allows me to keep a record of what God has done!

I have the journal where I recorded meeting Calvin and asked God to "please, please, please let him be the one". We have been married 15 years today.

I can look back over the posts here and see where God has done so many amazing things in my life over just the past three years and am thankful for the reminders that "God's got a plan and a purpose and His ways are ALWAYS best."

We have had revival at Pearson this week and I was truly sad to see it end last night. Although I know that true revival is ongoing in us individually, it is still sad to me to see the meetings end. I have looked forward to getting off work each day and worshipping with our friends each day. Our good friend Matt Jones was with us and it did our family good to visit with him. I enjoyed the dinner discussions with Calvin, Matt, and Gary and other friends after we left the church as much as I enjoyed the sermons. It is always interesting to me to hear Calvin and his "preacher friends" discuss things... their view of things is quite different from what I hear from others and is refreshing. It is nice to be able to rest in the assurance that Calvin surrounds himself with Christian men who lift him up and hold him accountable. Our friends influence us as adults just as they did when we were kids. I am very thankful to be married to a man who truly seeks God's guidance every day and doubly thankful that the men who he surrounds himself with do as well.

Tonight I will go home and do some MUCH needed house work and laundry! I have neglected our home terribly this week. Ha! I guess I will cook dinner too! As much as I have loved being at church every night this week, I am tired and ready for the weekend.

I know that I am rambling and that this post is rather pointless, but things are pretty uneventful right now.

So far as my throat is concerned, I am doing great until Doc tells me otherwise. I'll see him again on the 16th and we'll discuss another surgery to remove the webbing that formed between my cords and correct other danage that was done during radiation. I am really hoarse right now and not sure the exact cause of that. Probably just means that i need to consider going ahead with the surgery rather than waiting til the end of the year as I had planned. At any rate, I will be glad to let Doc look at my cords next week. It is reassuring to have him tell me that all is well.

Great things are going on at Pearson. Our friends are growing in their realtionships with Christ and THAT is exciting! Moreso for us than for them at the moment, because spiritual growing pains hurt our hearts just as physical growing pains hurt our bodies. BUT, on the other side of these valleys, they will be stronger, more mature Christians and THAT is cause for total excitement!

God has pressed me these past weeks as well. He has forced me to choose to follow Christ in more and more ways. During revival, we were challenged to ask what Pearson would look like in order to be "the talk of the town". Gary challenged each of us to choose to be "all in" and make God-Sized goals.

I am ready. I'm all in. I'm also ready for battle...because that is what usually happens when I ask God to let me do big things for Him. My idea of big things and HIS idea of big things are obviously very different. Still, I am all in, ready for Him to use me however He sees fit.

Til next time,